Does Arthritis Cause Problems in Sex?

Does Arthritis Cause Problems in Sex?

Arthritis is a very painful disease. Its pain does not allow even to move. This joint pain also limits the physical activities of the patient. Along with this, it also affects your sex life. And it’s not just a matter of saying. Just imagine the extent to which it can be difficult for some people to move or perform physical movements in the midst of unbearable pain.

There is no doubt that arthritis has a negative effect on sex life somewhere. In Arthritis, there is swelling and pain in the joints. This unbearable pain can make one’s life extremely difficult. This pain can last for a long time. It also affects the health of the patient and as a result his weight can be reduced. He may also have fever or many other minor diseases. The effects of arthritis that affect the sex life of the patient are-

  1. Fear of pain during intercourse
  2. Pain
  3. Fear of increasing pain

Sex should always be viewed from the point of view that it will relieve you of pain and not make you feel pain. Therefore, those people who do not enjoy their sex life just because of the fear of pain, they should take it in a positive way. You should enjoy it despite the possibility of pain. However, in this you should adopt some such postures which are likely to reduce the pain.

Delicate, thirsty, and creative sex can ease your pain. Endorphins are released after intercourse. These are the body’s natural pain relievers which can give you relief from your arthritis pain for hours. We all know that living with and treating arthritis adversely affects your sex life. The pain caused by Arthritis has a profound effect on the heart and mind of a person. Whatever treatment of arthritis you take, keep it in mind that it does not come in the way of your sex life. Many people consider taking a hot bath or shower or sitting in a tub of hot water as a way to get rid of pain. This can also be seen by trying it. Mental distress also affects your sex life. During sex, a patient of arthritis may have to face a very delicate situation at times. This is because their body has already become very weak from within due to illness. It can also come in the way of having sex with your partner.

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