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There are lack of sexual fantasies and interest for sexual activity along with no response to partner’s attempts to initiate sexual activity and less interest/arousal in response to sexual hints.

These features should be persistent or recurrent.

Causes of HSDD

1. Medical – Thyroid hormone related issues, Urinary Incontinence, Diabetes Hypertension, Arthritis, Spinal cord injury.
2. Medicines – Antipsychotics, Cardiovascular and Antihypertensive drugs, Hormone-influencing medication, Combined oral contraceptives.
3. Psychological – Sexual abuse, Stress and fatigue, High distraction, Anxiety, Depression, Body image self-consciousness.
4. Relationship characteristics – Partner’s sexual dysfunction, Global dissatisfaction with the relationship, Poor sexual communication skills.
Low sexual desire is not a disease completely; it could be a phase also. The sexual partner should understand the non-sexual hints, observe them and try to rectify them.