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Dr. Nilesh Kumar Dehariya is a senior laser Proctologist consultant in Indore with an experience of more then 18 years, Dr. Dehariya performed or all type of major surgery including laparoscopic general surgery reconstructive surgery laser cosmetic surgery Dr. Dehariya believe that with advanced laser and shock wave therapy and cosmetic gynecological surgeries we can transform our life for the better and happiness. Dr. Dehariya is also sharing his immense knowledge about the complex field of surgery to the aspiring student as an assistant professor in the department of surgery in Index medical college. Trained from BIDS Mumbai under training of Dr. Amit Maydeo (Global Hospital) for upper of Endoscopy. Dr. Dehariya was a Senior Resident in the Department of Surgery Amaltas Medical College, Indore.

Male Sexual Problems

Erectile Dysfunction

Some young men complain of difficulty in attaining erection and less rigid erections due to chronic porn.

Premature Ejaculation

When a man tries to hold his ejaculate, but ends up releasing the semen just before penetrating in the vagina.

Inability to have sex after marriage

Sometimes a couple faces difficulty in performing a penile-vaginal penetrative sexual intercourse after their marriage.

Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation

When a man finds extremely difficult or to ejaculate on time or attain orgasm. There is typically an erection.

Penile Size Anxiety

Men always conscious about penis length and thickness. There are flaws in people’s body that lead to small penis.

Dhat Syndrome

This issue with their close ones who have no clue about this condition leads to aggravating of symptoms anxiety.

Night Fall

Young men in India are always concerned about loss of semen from their body known as “Swapna Dosh”

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Sexual Desire is a relative term. Your desire and needs can be different from your sexual partner.

Female Sexual Problems

Female Arousal Disorder
Sexologist in Indore
Low sex desire
Low/Absent Orgasm
Ajay Gami

I have been married for 15 months but could not do intercourse. I had a problem with desire and erection. I consulted almost 3 different sexologist in Indore but I was not getting the results then I came to know about Dr. Nilesh Dehariya, after trying his treatment. Now I am able to consummate and very happy. Thanks a lot to Dr.Nilesh Dehariya.


Safe quick and effective. Thank you! Dr. Nilesh ji. Thanks to all staff of of intimate clinic to corporate with me thank you very much I am very happy with my marriage life.

Ritesh Parate

Best doctor regarding erectile dysfunction. Feeling more relaxed after surgery which is painless.

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    Dr. Nilesh Kumar Dehariya is a one of the best sexologist Indore & laser proctologist consultant in Indore with an experience of more than 18 years, Dr. Dehariya performed or all type of major surgery including laparoscopic general surgery reconstructive surgery.

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