Effects you Should do after Intercourse

Effects you Should do after Intercourse

Coitus is each about the exhilaration, the expectation, the buildup, and also eventually getting down to business. Or it can be robotic, coming out of nowhere – literally, in some cases – and being taken by surprise.  


There’s a commodity about the post-climax pause when, for many twinkles, it feels like anything is possible. There are no rules, no limits, you can say anything. Occasionally this means we lose our heads a little and go too far now isn’t the time to propose, for case, but it’s the perfect arena for blue-sky thinking, your expedients, and dreams, bournes.  

Work out:

Heading to the spa after coitus might feel like a crazy idea. I suppose it depends on how long you’ve been at it but coitus releases endorphins, which make you feel like you can take on the world, and a boost of testosterone can help with muscle structure. That said, don’t just snare your lycra and bolt – have a breath and explain, gently, to your mate that, yes, it was fantastic, but you’re off to do some biceps ringlets and please, please, please be there when you get back.  

Fall asleep together:

For some reason, falling asleep right after coitus is seen as the height of rudeness, like burping in an eatery or yawning while someone is telling you their problems. But you can condemn introductory biology for this bone. According to inexhaustible exploration by scientists hopeless for 40 winks after nutting, it could be down to a release of hormones that make you drowsy.  

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