Reality of Erectile Dysfunction

Reality of Erectile Dysfunction

Why is it so important?  

To understand how erectile dysfunction occurs, you first need to understand how erections occur in the genitals. “The genitals are made up of many vague, soft muscles. During sexual intercourse, the nerves in the brain release chemicals that increase blood flow to the genitals. When this happens, those muscles stop that blood inside the genitals, which makes it erect and strong. After intercourse, those nerves again send signals to the genitals, allowing the blood to come out and the erection ends. Erectile dysfunction can occur if there is a problem in any part of this activity.  

 Control the drinking amounts of alcohol, take special care of your weight if you have diabetes as well as obesity. Try to lose weight if you are overweight by exercising daily to achieve a healthy BMI don’t ignore early symptoms such as excessive sweating. If the amount of testosterone is low, this problem can be cured by testosterone replacement therapy under the direction of the best sexologist in Indore

 After all, men need most of their family and friends. Emotional support gives them the courage to tackle this problem.  

 “This illness could be embarrassing for men, so it is important to talk to the who you love the most and not keep this onl;y to yourself ”  

“Every problem has a cure. Therefore, it is important not to worry, but to follow the correct medical tips to solve this problem.

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