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Nightfall Treatment in Indore

Young men in India are always concerned about loss of semen from their body which usually happens during night known as “Wet Dreams or Swapna Dosh” or while passing urine or stools in the morning. Some unique terms have been given to this state i.e. “Dhat Jana “or “Dhat Girna” or “Beej Girna”.

Symptoms –

  • Feeling of draining of physical and mental energy
  • general body weakness
  • sexual weakness
  • loss of virility or manliness
  • lack of concentration
  • anxiety or tension & low mood
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • pain over body parts
  • indigestion

A patient presenting with Dhat syndrome is typically more likely to be a young college or school going guy, a guy about to get married or recently married, of average or low socioeconomic status (perhaps a student, laborer, occupation), comes from a rural area, and belongs to a family with conservative attitude towards sex.

Patients usually discuss this issue with their close ones who also have no clue about this condition and land up in giving a negative advice leading to aggravating of symptoms and more anxiety, depression & negative (suicidal) thoughts.