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Male Sexual Problems

Erectile Dysfunction

Some young men complain of difficulty in attaining erection and less rigid erections due to chronic porn.

Premature Ejaculation

When a man tries to hold his ejaculation but ends up releasing the semen just before penetrating in the vagina.

Dhat Syndrome

This issue with their close ones who have no clue about this condition leads to aggravating of symptoms anxiety.

Night Fall

Young men in India are always concerned about loss of semen from their body known as “Swapna Dosh”

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Sexual Desire is a relative term. Your desire and needs can be different from your sexual partner.

Inability to have sex after marriage

Sometimes a couple faces difficulty in performing a penile-vaginal penetrative sexual intercourse after their marriage.

Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation

When a man finds extremely difficult or to ejaculate on time or attain orgasm. There is typically an erection.

Sex and Cancer

Cancer is a major blow to a person’s integrity, the subsequent treatment of damage aspects of sexuality.

Sexual difficulty associated with substances of abuse

Some substances of abuse may have more impact on our sexual desire, some more erection, and on orgasm.

Sexual difficulty associated to drug use

Our sexual functioning is also governed by medicines which we use in our daily life for chronic diseases like high BP.

Penile Size Anxiety

Men always conscious about penis length and thickness. There are flaws in people’s body that lead to small penis.

Sexual difficulty associated to disease

It is seen that poor health and other illnesses are associated with decreased sexual activity at all ages in distress.


Any emotional disorder characterized by sexually arousing fantasies, that are recurrent, intense, occur over a period.

Genital Infections

Genital are commonly asymptomatic but can cause be painful. Genital with human can be subclinical.

Sexual Function after any Surgery

After surgery cycle includes excitement, plateau, orgasm & resolution. Desire & arousal phase of the sexual response.

Sexual Weakness

Weakness refers during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the man or couple from satisfaction.

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Female Sexual Problems

Female Arousal Disorder
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Low sex desire
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Low/Absent Orgasm