These 5 habits can make you sexually weak

These 5 habits can make you sexually weak

Sex still a taboo in our Country, talking about it is still a shame in many people’s eyes, even the most educated and graduated people also do feel shame talking about it.

But the things related to your health can’t be ignored for a long, that’s why we come with this blog that tells you about the habits that can make you sexually weak.


Drinking too much of Alcohol can have negative impact on a person’s body that also includes the problems related to intimate health.


Smoking can directly cause ED. Men who smoke are the contenders of erectile dysfunction twice as those who don’t smoke.


Too much of a stress can directly hamper your mind, that in result can hamper your sexual life. Your intimate life has a strong connection with your mind, that’s why it very important to have a fresh mind.

Watching Porn:

There is a reason why the government of India and several other countries have banned it, as it is destroyer of a healthy psyche as well it can have a bad and ill impact on a person’s intimate life.

Lack of sleep:

Lack of sleep lets you be confused, not excited and let you fee low… And in all that you surely can’t have a moment to think about intimacy.

An Intimate health doctor in Indore can help you recover the hurdles between you and your healthy sexual life, there are lot of treatments like erectile dysfunction treatment in Indore has helped many men to re-gain their intimate joy back. Thank you & take care.

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