Accurate Tips For a Far Better Female Orgasm

Accurate Tips For a Far Better Female Orgasm

An orgasm may be a physical and emotional sensation caused by a series of rhythmic contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, the penis, the vagina, and sometimes the uterus also. Orgasm typically follows a build-up of muscle tension and a rise in blood flow to the genitals, creating a sense of sexual excitement.

Help yourself:

Some women don’t climax because they’ve never learned what excites them sexually. When you’re having sex, concentrate on what quite touch gives you the foremost pleasure, Ruberg suggests. Then tell or show your partner what you wish — and what you don’t like. Remember, only about 35 percent of girls achieve female orgasm through vaginal sexual activity alone.

Get your muscles working:

Women who can contract and relax these pub coccygeal (PC) muscles also can increase their male partner’s pleasure and help bring him to orgasm. Men, too, can practice PC muscle exercises to extend the intensity of their orgasms and have better erections.

Breathe better:

Women can take physical and psychological steps to form it easier to possess orgasms and make climaxing more reliable. One physical step is to consider your breathing. Many of us find that if they vary their breathing pattern from slow and deep to short and quick it adds to arousal and may help trigger orgasm.

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