Dealing with Dyspareunia or Painful Sex

Dealing with Dyspareunia or Painful Sex

Active sex life is vital to your overall health, but it is often difficult to interact in sexual activity once you experience uncomfortable sex and impossible if you’re having painful sex. Any discomfort could also be a symbol of a drag that needs treatment.

Communicate it to your partner:

Because emotional issues can cause uncomfortable or painful sex, it’s important to speak together with your partner about what arouses you and what problems you’re having with sex. repeatedly, the 2 of you’ll work on your sexual chemistry and resolve the matter.

Use lube:

If vaginal dryness is that the explanation for your painful sex, employing a vaginal lubricant within the sort of a cream, jelly, or suppository can add moisture to the vagina and help make sex easier for both partners.

Notice & Observe:

Since discomfort or pain during sex is often a symbol of ill health, see your doctor to rule out any serious medical condition. Your doctor also can review your medical record and medications to see a possible explanation for your discomfort. Sometimes simple steps, like switching medications or treating an infection, can help relieve painful or uncomfortable sex.

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